In this link, the costume in question is titled the “Gypsy maid” costume. It of course includes a very short skirt and tight-fitting corset. Naturally this is one of the Romani stereotypes, that all the women are sirens or seductresses. However this costume proceeds to take the profiling another step further by adding the maid aspect to the costume. While maids serve a very hard working profession, it is a blue collar/ lower class job. Combining a lower class job with a gypsy aspect implies that all gypsy women are going to serve their lives as maids or equal level positions in society. And of course, none of the reviews point out that this costume is a reinforcement of negative stereotypes to a largely ignorant audience. Instead, they either praise the sensual appeal of the costume or compare it against similar costumes, equally ignorant and offensive. Naturally this costume is not aimed at Romani people or anyone informed on the Roma culture to any level, but instead to the unintentionally ignorant consumer in America that has no exposure to the Roma people, or simply has total apathy for their representation. The Romani are not the only type of people that are negatively represented by companies such as these, There are the obvious other costumes such as the “Sexy Nurse”, which portrays nurses as sex objects rather than highly trained educated people who have worked extremely hard to get where they are in society. These costume companies will sexualize any sort of job or culture they can to make an appeal to the consumer that wants to dress up as ‘sexy’ on halloween, while still being able to make an argument that they chose the costume for the culture, not the height of the skirt. Yet while everyone in America typically knows that Nurses are educated people, hardly anyone knows the first thing about the Romani, and as such only have their exposure to it in things such as costumes and halloween parties.


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